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Costumes of Dreams: Top ENCANTO Characters to Cosplay

Costumes of Dreams: Top ENCANTO Characters to Cosplay

Encanto tells the story of an extraordinary family, the Maliga family. This family lives in a heavenly home in the foothills of the Columbia Mountains, a busy, wonderful, enchanting home called Encanto. The fairy tale of the Magic-Filled House focuses on the exciting magical gifts of each of the young people in the family, with their extraordinary perseverance and powerful healing powers, but only Mirabelle.

Nevertheless, after she observes that the sorcery that contains the Magic Full House is threatened, Mirabelle deduces that she is super ordinary Maliga, which may be the last assumption of her magnificent family.

The 8 main characters in Encanto

1. Mirabelle

Mirabelle often observes confirmation, which makes her an easy dark horse. She has an eccentric sense of the funny and has some of the smartest moments in the film, like her sarcastic take on the melody "The Family Madrigal" as she climbs the steps in Bruno's room. Her love for her family, her desire for recognition, and her quest for self-expression make Mirabelle the most amiable person in Encanto.

Because she does not have the same gifts as her family, Mirabelle constantly struggles with her own untouchable feelings. She cherishes her family, but feels that she has failed and needs to be as skilled and extraordinary as the other pastorals.

2. Alma

As the housewife of the Madrigal family, Abuela Alma is the leading member of the family. After the death of Abuelo Pedro, her weeping for a miracle makes the magic flame appear. In any case, she ignores the real gift and her family ends up hurting Bruno and Mirabelle to protect her from the magical flame.

With her stern demeanor and gruff remarks, Abra Alma demonstrates that she is a likable Disney character. She finally recovers and becomes more amiable, but she spends most of the entire movie as the least friendly protagonist.

3. Luisa

By all accounts, Mirabelle's sister Luisa is passionate and relentless. She finds herself struggling with all the tensions of her family and feels she needs to convey the heaviness of the world alone. She's a supporting character who deserves more screentime; consider how affecting and amiable her character is.

4. Isabela

Mirabelle's sister Isabella blossoms wherever she goes. This portrays her as flawless and puts her in a situation with the genius of her family, causing Mirabelle to despise her. She finds herself a considerate and generous person when she admits her true feelings and gives up that they should be excellent.


Mirabel's cousin and roommate, Antonio, is the latest in a long line of Madrigals to receive the gift of the ability to speak to living things. He is an impeccably laid-back kid who loves and admires Mirabel. He is afraid to pave the way for gift service and asks Mirabelle to hold his hand during the interaction, which shows his weakness and energetic honesty. However, he brings a vibrant energy and new appreciation to the family.


As Mirabelle's mother, Julieta is a kind and benevolent person who constantly pays special attention to others, using her mystical abilities to create food that can heal individuals. She does her best to comfort Mirabelle and to make sure she feels validated even without gifts. She does not play a major role in the film. However, her generous activities and caring heart quickly make her one of the more likable characters.

7. Agustín

Mirabelle's father, Agustin, is a silly but affable man. Since marrying into the pastoral family, he has little talent, but he has figured out who he is and doesn't envy the truly talented. He is a caring man who tries to comfort Mirabelle because he can relate to her battle.

8. Pepa

A decent contender for one of Disney's most prominent roles, Mirabelle's enthusiastic Aunt Pepper has the gift of controlling the climate with her senses, often producing sudden precipitation, wind or daylight as her mood changes. She does her best to maintain an established yet cheerful attitude, but she doesn't always, in all cases, succeed.

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