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Baldur's Gate 3

Baldur's Gate 3

"Baldur's Gate 3" is an electronic role-playing game developed and published by Larian Studios. As the third flagship installment in the Baldur's Gate series, it draws inspiration from the Dungeons & Dragons tabletop role-playing system.

The game features 10 recruitable companion characters, each with their own story, and players can build relationships with their companions based on storyline and dialogue choices. Some characters can only be chosen after certain plot events. All characters, both protagonists and supporting actors, were fully voiced and motion-captured, with the motion-capture workload equivalent to approximately 1.5 million words of text.


Fierce warrior
The Githyanki have distinct dark facial features, including a thick black underline and a few spots. She has crimson hair and wears Githyanki half-mail. Weight 45 kg. Good at fighting with long swords and short bows.
Falling from the stars to the Sword Coast, Laezel is a highly skilled warrior, even by the standards of the bellicose Githyanki society. When she's faced with the possibility of becoming the mind flayer, the monster she's dedicated her life to defeating, she must prove her worth and earn the right to return to her people, provided they don't execute her first. Will Raizel's strength and determination be enough to prove her worth to Queen Vlaakith, or will she have to find another path to exile?

2.shadow heart

Loyal warrior
Shadowheart is a devout priest of Shar's goddess and a dark servant. She agreed to have her memory wiped as part of a divine mission, of which she is now the sole survivor.
She's sent on a suicide mission: she must return a powerful artifact to her kind to win the love of the goddess Shar and restore her memory—but at the same time, she's haunted by strange and painful magic. , it is difficult for her to understand this power.


Genius mage
What is God to a world-class wizard? Gale was once a powerful archmage in Waterdeep, but his relationship with the goddess Mystra became too strained. His thirst for magic led him into trouble (failed to usurp his former lover's divine rights), the goddess took away Gael's magic and embedded the Netherese Orb into his chest. Here comes the curse on him. It is a dangerous object, containing enough magical potential to destroy a city if it were to be released. Gayle is confident he can master it, but he's running out of time.
In addition to learning from his hubris, Gale now worries about the danger he poses to those around him, fearing that if he undergoes a mind flayer transformation (ceremorphosis), he may be unable to neutralize the wrath of Netherese magic. ball, which could endanger countless lives.


Vampire spawn
Asdalen wandered the night for centuries as a vampire spawn, forced to serve the orders of his sadistic master Cazador: seduce and seduce every fool with a pulse. Return to Kazador's lair. Until he was kidnapped by the mind flayers, Asdalen, now free, will do whatever it takes to stay in the light. He can only think of one way to ensure his eternal freedom: become more powerful than his old tyrant, beyond his dreams.


Living legend
From the scion of a prominent Baldur's Gate noble family to the adventure of a lifetime, Will has become one of the most influential people on the Sword Coast as a monster hunter known as the Blade of Frontiers. While he has done many great things for the people of the Sword Coast, the source of his power remains a secret. Cambion Mizora inducted Will into a warlock's pact during many of his life's hanging moments, cursing him and making him responsible for helping hunt his enemies. Mizola asks only that Will sacrifice demonic creatures to her, but Cambion's ambitions are always fickle, and Will hopes to break free from the bonds of the pact before its price becomes cruel. Even if it means he has to rescue the demon who seduced him and made a pact with him.


Wrath of Avernus
Karak had just escaped from hell and finally escaped the control of the great demon Zariel, but she could not escape the hell engine implanted in her chest by Zariel. After tasting freedom for the first time in a decade, Karak yearns to find a way to stop the engine from getting too hot before it burns out completely. But more importantly, she wants to explore, find and fall in love (or lust) with like-minded travelers... and seek revenge on the man who betrayed her to Zariel all those years ago.

7.evil thoughts

Evil Thoughts is a companion in Baldur's Gate 3.
All you remember is a road paved with blood. Unimaginable cruelty whispers to you from within. Can you escape? Do you want to?


Halsin is a companion in "Baldur's Gate 3".

9.Minthala Benry

Minsala Baenre was the true soul leader and leader of the DR Supreme True God sect at the end of the 15th century.

She wears an exquisite set of drow leather armor, wears a teleportation amulet, and wields a unique mace, the Xanti.
Minsala leads the raids and attacks carried out by the cult as an overseer, an extension of the will of the Supreme God. She believed that anyone who was not committed to the Supreme God was an infidel.
Although she appears strong and autonomous, deep down she hides a great sense of fear. From her perspective, she learned to exploit this fear and increase her willpower.

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