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COS: Genshin Impact Xiao

COS: Genshin Impact Xiao

Everyone knows that Huang Jingxiang is a veteran of the COS circle and a god-level figure. His COS style is really amazing. If you take one out, you can see that he is a professional and very good Coser, especially  Qingming's COS was praised by netizens as: This is the most handsome Seimei I have ever seen!


Recently, Huang Jingxiang was also fascinated by Xiao when he played Genshin Impact, so he couldn't help but also came to a COS, and his true character is really handsome, I saw him flying in the wind, domineering and mighty make people think he is a mandrill It's a pity that Huang Jingxiang hasn't released many films this time. I hope that in the future, we will be able to bring more COS pictures for us.

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