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COS:"Naruto" Haruno Sakura,what a beautiful girl!

COS:"Naruto" Haruno Sakura,what a beautiful girl!

This Coser has a high appearance value. If she takes off her makeup, she must be a pure woman. In the cos circle, divine likeness is very important. This Coser has done both divine likeness and shape likeness very well. In terms of clothing, the girl must have spent a lot of effort. After all, this dress is quite similar to Sakura in Naruto. We can see at a glance that the object of the COS is Sakura. Compared with other roles, the hairstyle of Haruno Sakura is relatively easy to make. On the whole, the cos of Haruno Sakura is very excellent.Professional seecosplay shop buy anime cosplay costumes for people.



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