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【Demon Slayer】“CP”Tomioka Giyuu & Kochou Shinobu

【Demon Slayer】“CP”Tomioka Giyuu & Kochou Shinobu

"Giyuu, is this your first time out on a mission? "
"Giyuu, has anyone ever told you that you are so annoying!"
Giyuu looked back slightly, with a confused look on his face.
"Giyuu, you are really annoying!"
Giyuu was confused, and in front of him was the kid.
"Ding——" Giyuu drew out his knife, and the surging waves danced with his knife.
Not to be outdone, countless purple butterflies followed the wave of bravery. 
"Giyuu is really kind."
Giyuu still couldn't handle this information, and was silent for a long time...


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