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"Demon Slayer"Kibutsuji Muzan cosplay

"Demon Slayer"Kibutsuji Muzan cosplay

Kibutsuji Muza is one of the characters in the popular Japanese animation Demon Slayer. In the work, he is the ancestor of the ghost, so he is actually over 1000 years old. His black hair and red pupils are voiced by Guan Junyan. As the absolute ruler of the ghost, he killed the tanjiro family and turned your beans into a ghost.

To say why he became a ghost, it began a thousand years ago. When doctors treated him and said he had a terminal disease, he killed his doctor because of his deterioration and anger. But when the medicine took effect, he became a ghost. Like most ghosts, he was afraid of light.

Because the characters are more beautiful, many Coser choose to restore the ghost dance without tragedy. Taday brought the cosplay beauty of dance without tragedy. Let's enjoy it together! Professional seecosplay shop buy anime cosplay costumes for people.



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Demon Slayer Kibutsuji Muzan Outfits Cosplay Costume


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