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Top SK8 THE INFINITY Characters to Cosplay

Top SK8 THE INFINITY Characters to Cosplay
SK8 the Infinity is an anime series created by Bones Studio about skateboarding. The story revolves around Reki, a high school student who is a dedicated skateboarder, and Langa, a transfer student from Canada who is initially not interested in skateboarding until he meets Reki. The two of them form a bond over their shared passion for skateboarding and enter a series of underground skateboarding competitions in an effort to become the best skateboarders in the world. Along the way, they encounter a variety of unique characters with their own skateboarding styles, and face challenges and obstacles that test their skills and their friendship. The series is praised for its animation, character development, and exciting skateboarding scenes.

1. Reki


Reki is the main character of SK8 THE INFINITY. He is a creative and energetic individual who has a deep passion for skateboarding. Reki is also known for his playful and carefree nature, often seen smiling and joking around with his friends. He is always eager to try new things, whether it be tackling a new trick or taking on a new challenge.

2. Langa 

Langa is a young skater who recently moved to Okinawa from Canada. He is a reserved and introverted person who does not speak much. However, his exceptional skills as a skateboarder are unmatched. Langa is a natural athlete with a unique approach to skateboarding. He is also very curious about the world around him and constantly seeks to learn new things.

3. Miya 

Miya is known as the "King of S" in the skating world, and is considered the strongest and most dominant skater in Okinawa. He is confident and self-assured, often bordering on arrogance. Miya is a seasoned skateboarder who is constantly pushing himself to improve his skills. Despite his elitist attitude, he is also shown to have a caring side, especially towards his younger brother.

4. Cherry


Cherry is an enigmatic and mysterious skater who possesses an otherworldly presence. He is known for his striking visual appearance, including his bright red hair and dark clothing. Cherry keeps to himself and does not reveal much about his past. However, his skill as a skateboarder is unparalleled, and he is always working on perfecting his craft.

5. Joe 

Joe is a skilled and experienced skater who is considered a legend in the skateboarding world. He is known for his stoic demeanor and unwavering discipline. Joe takes his training very seriously and always strives to be the best. He also has a strong sense of honor and often helps those in need, especially younger skaters who are just starting out.

In the end,  I hope everyone can find their favorite character in Seecosplay and try to cosplay.

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